Oh, what phone to buy?

I bought a new phone.

My old iPhone 3G was… well…. old.  The last iOS update for the phone was not anygood for the device.  The update did not really give myphone any new features that I wanted or needed.  The feature I got but did not want was slow.  The cammera was slow to open; everything was slow to open.  The web browser was unusable after the update.

In this ever changing landscape of phone handsets I was hard pressed to find a phone that I coveted.  I looked at the smart phones out there:  Blackberry, iPhone 4, Android and Windows Phone 7.

Blackberry: Yawn. Need I say more?  Once all the rage, not they come out with what seems to be 50 different models a year of boring phones.  Hey they do corporate e-mail really well!

iPhone 4:  Its so expensive!  This was just more of the same for me.  It looks nice, but after cut and paste and finally adding the ability for third party apps to run in the background it did not have any compelling features that I wanted.  Heck my phone did not even have the ability to run in the background!  I have an iPad and get to use iOS everyday.

iPhone 3GS:  Its cheep and in a year I would still have the same problem that I had with an old and slow phone.

Android:  At the end of the day Android looks like it wants to be but not iOS.  It’s the same model with widgets thrown in for usability.  Other than the Fit and Finish issues these are great looking phones.  I do love the idea of an Open Source phone.

Windows Phone 7:  The Metro UI looks fantastic!  It has its own look and feel, that is not trying to ape the iPhone.  The integration with Facebook is really cool as well as the smart tiles.  Boy Microsoft has come a long way; I remember all the other Windows CE/Mobile devices of the past… They were ugly and slow.

What did I get?

I got the Windows Phone 7.  The phone does its job as a phone and it runs data apps.  being a new platform it lacks in some features that I would have expected like VPN support and hardware compass in the phone to actually work.

I did have a little bit of remorse of my WP7 decision…  At the Maker Faire, hackers had their Android devices doing all kinds of cool thing.  Mostly there were using them for controllers and running custom home make apps.  After getting home I download the Visual Studio Express for Windows phone and tried a couple code samples.  Alas I’m not really a programmer so it really would not matter.  On the other hand an Android table can be picked up for cheep.

In the end.

I do like my WP7 a Samsung Focus on AT&T.

I really like that Microsoft is trying something different with live tiles and the Metro UI.  I like being excited about a new platform, like I was once was with iOS.

Some times I wish my wife were to just get one… I know she would like it.


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My computer was an IBM PC 5150.
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