Dell Free PC Health Scan Scam

Logging in the Dell Support website last night I see this option to give my PC a Free Health Scan.  I’m thinking that’s smart of Dell to have a free health scan; it must save them on calls from users if they have a tool that can handle some issues.  I downloaded and ran the software.

It turns out I installed System Mechanic by Iolo Software.  Strangely during this process it said “No fix No Fee”, I started to think this was something I had to purchase in order for it to work.  System Mechanic reported my computer as being POOR and found a number of disconcerting problems!  Notably it reported a problem with my file system, so I ran CHKDSK.  CHKDSK did not report any problems with my file system. Odd.  It also reported large amount of cache in IE and Chrome.  I emptied these caches last night, at its implied suggestion.  The system was set to run a CHKDSK /F at startup even though it found no problem previously.  No problems were found.

This afternoon I had time to get back on the computer so I reran the scan.  System Mechanic reported all the same issues as before, Odd.  Checking the first item in its list, Startup items.  System Mechanic reported that QTTask.exe is a startup item and it slows computer startup.  Navigating to the Windows/RUN registry key, there IS NO entry for QTTask.exe in the RUN key.  WTF?

Iolo Software wants $39.95 to fix all the reported problems, but my computer does not actually have those problems.  The is not quite as bad as the Fake Antivirus software you have to pay for it to remove itself?

In addition Iolo’s System Mechanic software does not work with some Antivirus software programs.  Iolo recommends removing the Antivirus software to run System Mechanic!

I expect better from Dell.


About JimmyZombie

My computer was an IBM PC 5150.
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5 Responses to Dell Free PC Health Scan Scam

  1. Bequizombie says:

    Did you inform Dell that you’re disappointed by this scam? What a bummer.

  2. Compsphere says:

    I downloaded it to, found out that it was $39, my laptop is about 8 days old! 288 problems!

  3. Norman says:

    I have checked out many ‘free’ PC health repair downloads. All report varying problems with my ‘puter but when it comes to fixing using the ‘free’ download a payment is required. I don’t mind paying but want to see that the program works.

  4. NoGoJo says:

    Thanks for letting us know your experiences with this

  5. Katherine says:

    I fell for thi…. then had to get Dell online help.they said it was a scam.I paid £25 for it and Dell had to remove it.Now Iolo keep mailing mw for more money!I was angry as I was already ill and got pneumonia,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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