It’s Like Having a New Computer

Last night, using the Dell DataSafe CD to boot, the computer was backed up.  This morning I did the factory reset to the computer.  Most of today’s computing time has been spent restoring the system back to operational state for normal use.

I decided to restore my computer for a few reasons…

  1. Video sharing with the DVD player did not work.
  2. I have installed a ton of stuff.  At one point I had a trial version of the MS Development tools.  The development environments for Android and WebOS were installed on here at one time.
  3. Remove all the debris of old software.
  4. I wanted to try the Dell Recovery Tools

I learned a few things…

Make sure your Windows backup is complete.  The Dell DataSafe backup is incomplete on the backup process.  After specifically picking folders for backup it did not backup all the files in that folder.  For starters it did not backup all the files in my Documents folder.  I had to go back and use the Windows Restore process to get much of my data back.  Dell Data Safe does appear to backup Music, Videos and MS Office Documents.

Don’t depend on Dell DataSafe to backup your files.  It’s a shame as it’s the kind of thing my Mom would be told to do by support and then files would be missing files.

ZunePass only lets you remove a single computer from it approved sync computer list.

Microsoft Windows Backup/Restore worked flawlessly!

More thoughts on this later.



About JimmyZombie

My computer was an IBM PC 5150.
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