Fire in the Disco, Fire in the Taco Bell

I got a Kindle Fire. It was a gift for listening to a presentation. I feel weird about it, it does not feel right. I know, plenty of people would listen for a presentation for a free anything, right? I feel embarrassed by the whole thing. As result I reject it.

In fact, I don’t like taking my iPad out in public, as I feel apprehensive. Maybe is embarrassment about have one of those “elitist” devices, I don’t know. Although my iPad is awesome and love it.

The one piece of technology that I don’t feel embarrassed to bring out in public is my Kindle Keyboard. It has become my constant companion when going outside the house, like books used to be when I was younger.

From a hotel in Foster City CA

Listening to Spiders by Wilco,
“There’s no blood on my hands
I just do as I am told “


About JimmyZombie

My computer was an IBM PC 5150.
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