My First Mac

I’m writing this on the first mac I ever bought.

A number of years ago I bought my first mac, a PowerBook G4 12″ notebook. Not only was the first Apple computer I ever purchased, this was first time I have ever bought a new computer! Before the PowerBook I bought parts and put them together the computer myself out of second rate cheap components. This PowerBook G4 was shiny, new and looked fantastic. I remember buying it at Fry’s as a floor model, so it was slightly cheaper than buying it from Apple.

At the time I wanted to run a version of Unix full time and the PowerBook did this! Realistically I had been trying/wanting to run Linux as a viable desktop OS on a notebook for some time. The problem with Linux at that time was dealing with hardware computability and wireless networks. While I had a lot of fun messing about with getting the hardware and drivers on computer; I wanted something that just worked for everyday use.

I had to stop writing this on the PowerBook, it just powered off for the second time. Now I’m on an old Lenovo X200s running Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

The PowerBook G4 came with OSX 10.3 aka Jaguar, which was a fine OS as they go. When 10.4 come out I waited in line at the Apple Store with my friend Kirk to buy the update.

I replaced this Computer with a MacBook Pro 17”. My wife, Bequi, used the PowerBook for a couple years before it got put on the shelf.

That was a super nice computer when it was new.


About JimmyZombie

My computer was an IBM PC 5150.
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