Foundation Book Report

Earlier this week I finished reading Foundation by Isaac Asimov. It’s the Sword and Laser Book Club pick for September.  Asimov was one of the authors I liked to read in High School; I enjoyed the robot books.  Originally I first started reading Foundation in high school, which was put down shortly after starting.

The beginning was fair with the introduction of Gaal Dornick, just a country boy, on a spaceship ride to Trantor where he just got a job. At this point I’m confused as why I would have put this book down.  Gaal meets Hari Seldon, the only character who makes it though the book, dead of course but he makes it to the end. Hari basically just yaps on and on. Then Gaal gets arrested there is a trial and  court case Hari and others just talk endlessly.  There is literally no action at this point.  It seems that Gaal is just there as an excuse for Asimov to tell us the story. 

Starting part 2 reveals that Gaal is not involved, we have a new set of characters, none of which I give a whit about.  Nor at this point do I even care about the Foundation.

I’m ready to put the book down at this point.  I’m really hoping that it gets better, this is a classic after all!

At part 3 I’m still waiting to “get it”.

At part 4 all I want to do is just finish the book.

Part 5, clearly this part is going to advance the history of the Foundation a little further and there will be more characters that don’t even try to connect with the reader.

It seems that the story is about how technology is like magic and as such is god-like that could be harnessed as religion to people who don’t understand it.  The use of nuclear energy is really just a stand-in or construct for some technology that generates power, that we can not possibly understand that it will even exist, in the future.

I know that there are people on GoodReads that have done and could do a better analyses of the story, so I’m going to skip this.

I found the characters to be merely constructs to tell the history of the Foundation.  For the most part there were no woman in this book.  In the end I did not care about the Foundation.  I would have liked to like the story and I would have liked to care about the characters, alas that was not so in this book.   


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