Happy New Year!

Can I do a blog post once a week?  I’m going to try and do one every Tuesday through the month of January.  As for the rest of the year we will just have to wait and see.

Some things I’m excited about doing this month:
  Work out using Sharp Distance Sensors on the Arduino
  Programming a Sumobot with Miles
  Running little RC cars with Miles
  Reading the Sword & Laser Book Pick of Old Man’s War by Scalzi
  A Raspberry Pi project, not sure what yet, but something
  Holding Bequi’s hand
  Doing an exercise project with the kids.

Bequi and I were talking about a Ted talk she watched about taking on challenges that last only 30 days.  I’m going to ponder this and figure out something to do for thirty days.

Happy New Year!


About JimmyZombie

My computer was an IBM PC 5150.
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