Miles and I built a Sumobot for Saturday’s RSSC competition.  We did great!  Much better than either of us expected!  We got second place!

After the December Meeting Miles and I really wanted to enter the contest for sumo in January.   Miles and I talked about how we wanted the robot to function.  

We had decided that our Sumobot would:

  1. Detect the edge of the Sumo Board
  2. Have a system to detect our opponent

From Pololu we got the Zumo Robot Shield for Arduino with two high power micro metal gear motors and some sensors.


On top is a Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F Analog Distance Sensor 10-80cm, which is used for “seeing” the other sumo bot.  On the underside are two QTR-1RC Reflectance Sensors for detecting the edge of the sumo board.

The soldering started shortly after receiving our parts in the mail.  The larger parts had to be soldered to the Zumo board.  After assembly the programming started.

This is a picture of our Sumobot with the winner of the battle.image

All the Sumobots before the fight


We had a great time working out the programming and entering the competition.  I love how some of the bots have teeth on front!


About JimmyZombie

My computer was an IBM PC 5150.
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    I posted it on OCMMF facebook page BEqui

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