Walking Though The Mist

One time I stood in a shower of mist, it was kind of warm.  I was on my way home from the Frisbee Golf Park.  Or rather I was taking a side trip to the Liquor store for some candy on my way home.  I probably had a penny in my pocket for a tootsie roll.

I lived in Tustin when I was a kid, we had liquor stores by the house.  They sold candy, soda pop, a bunch of bottles behind the counter and had a couple video games machines.  I only went there for the video game machines and candy.  Oh glorious candy!

I got this job in south OC, where they had Deli Markets, they were everywhere.  Strangely they did not have any liquor or convenience stores.  I guess more gentile neighborhoods have Deli Markets, which happen to sell hard liquor.  I’m sure other parts of the country have their own version of all three places.

Tonight I saw great billows of steam rising from a dry cleaners.  I was driving home.  I wanted to walk though the mist.

BTW that dry cleaners sometimes sold rice candy and poppers to throw on the ground.


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