I tried to quit Chrome

After two weeks of using Firefox as a replacement for Chrome, I have given up.  I wanted to not run Chrome after crossing the creepy line with Google.  The creepy line was crossed when I looking at potato ricers on Amazon in Chrome on my home computer.  The next day I was on my work computer in Chrome, low and behold adds for Potato Ricers!

This was scary; Google is tracking my searching on Amazon’s website to show me Google ads based on searched items!

When I updated my computer to Windows 8 Pro from the Release Preview version I decided not to install Chrome and use Firefox to replace it. Over the last two weeks Firefox has been crashy running scripts inside webpages. Firefox uses a ton of time in the CPU, causing the fan to run when only Facebook is open. It also slower at loading web pages, it seems to stall during the loading process.

I just don’t like being creeped out by Google.


About JimmyZombie

My computer was an IBM PC 5150.
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