No Tags

Finally after a period of time that can not be accurately measured the underwear has worn out.  This wearing out seems to happen all at once, so I need to buy a bunch at a time.  This new batch is following the trend of other garments in which the tag has been replaced with printing on the inside of the garment.  While this seems like a fine idea, I despise this on my underwear.

This tag was key to identifying correct orientation of the underwear in dim lighting.  Now I struggle, naked, in the dark trying to figure out the puzzle of my underwear’s orientation.  Sometimes after some hopping around a bit on one foot before I can put it on.  Hopefully not outside in.  The energy I spend on this every morning does not seem worth the cost savings in manufacturing.

Now it takes a little bit longer to get dressed in the morning.


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My computer was an IBM PC 5150.
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