Las Vegas via Barstow

Day 5: Nov 4 2013 – 1.2 miles at 10’ 43”

Today is travel day to Las Vegas with a stop over in Barstow.  I got up early to run before everybody else was up.  Below is a picture, I’m wearing my Java Safety vest.


I started running regularly in the morning during the summer when it got light early.  As we entered fall it became darker and darker in the mornings.  At first I did not want to wear the Safety Vest, feeling like a goon when I did.  In addition I promised myself to keep to well lighted areas and make all the safety checks for cars before crossing streets.  Plus all my clothes and shoes have little reflector tabs for visibility.  Then one morning I ran down the golf course street, which narrows to one lane each way and no curbs or sidewalks.

Running on the white line at the edge of the road, I had a moment when I thought of my mortality.  I ran faster.  I don’t run down that road in the dark anymore.  After that I started wearing my Safety Vest when its dark.  Better to look like a goon than to have a tangle with a car.


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