A Good Run, an Empty Pool and an Extra Day

Day 8: Nov 7 2013 – 3 miles at 10’ 43”

I felt great!

Yesterday at the Nike factory store I purchased some cold weather gear, gloves and running pants.  This morning I wore the gloves and kept cold at bay!  Up until today I was pulling my shirt sleeves up over my hands to keep them warm. Gloves are nice.

I ran behind Las Vegas Blvd between Willow and Wigwam again.  I saw horses and houses: boarded up houses, nice houses, normal houses and abandoned houses.  Some houses had rocky barren dirt yards, rock yards, grass yards and lush yards.  Some of the houses have  gates around the property and some only have gated back yards.  It seems that the people who live here make the yards to be what they they like or possibly a mirror image of home or more likely where they want home to be.

WP_20131107_001Although you can’t see them, the horses are in the yard behind me.  I kept angling the camera so show them, but they are were too tiny to see in the screen.

I found an abandoned house for sale with the a guest house and a pool.  I was afraid the Guest house with its door ajar might not be abandoned and avoided it as I trespassed onto the property.  I walked the long way around the main house to the pool following bike tracks, presumably made by local kids.  Peering in the windows of the main house, showed that anything of value had been removed, including the copper plumbing.  The outside brick work on the house is crumbling away.


I ended the run at Starbucks to have a coffee with some coffee cake.  I run around the Starbucks to break three miles.

We are staying an extra unplanned day just to hang out at the hotel. In many ways this is like camping with friends, just more comfortable.  I look forward to anther run in the Las Vegas desert Friday morning before heading home.


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