Four Days sore and an Astronaut

Day 9: Nov 8 – 2.24 miles at 10’ 37”

I ended my run at Starbucks and had a cup of coffee.  After walking back to the hotel I went for swim before heading out for home. 


Day 10: Nov 9 – 1.1 miles at 10’ 38”

Home!  I forgot to take a picture!

My calves are sore from running everyday.

Day 11: Nov 10  – 1.38 miles at 11’ 19” and 1.29 miles at 11’ 45”

Due to a malfunction my run was stopped in the middle and restarted.  I’m tired today; got up early to get tickets with Bequi to see Col. Chris Hadfield at the local Barnes and Noble.


WP_20131110_005Chris Hadfield at the local Barnes and Nobles. He left his guitar on the ISS.

Day 12: Nov 11 – 1.09 miles at 11’ 08”

So slow and cold this morning.  Calves still hurting, so I did the minimum.  Cold. First day back to work after a week of vacation.

I’m starting to worry that this may be too much for me.  My calves hurt everyday now.  They are sore like the day after a long run. 

I bought compression sleeves for my calves at lunch today.  I’ll wear them on my run Tuesday.

No picture.  Sad smile


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