Nike Fuelband and Run Update for Days 13 and 14

My Nike Fuelband received an update last night.  Right away I noticed, that a double button press shows the time only (no status bar), which is a nice feature.  Secondly Nike Fuel seems easier to get. 

Today I already have 3295 fuel points, which would be unusual on a day like today, I don’t often break 3000 fuel points on a typical work day.  I only ran 1.27 miles at a slow 12:08 pace.  Looking back at my Nike Fuel from the run, according to a Nike Sport Watch GPS, was 408 points.  When I looked at the Fuelband getting out of the shower, it over 800, which I thought was oddly high.

On Thursday I’ll try to write down my fuel points when I walk out the door and compare fuel points when I get back.  I don’t have an expectation that they will be the same, but in the past they were comparable subtracting starting fuel from the fuel band.

Day 13: Nov 12 – 1.18 miles at 11’10”

I forgot to take a picture during my run, I took this when I got back.

WP_20131112_002 I’m wearing compression sleeves on my calves.

Day 14: Nov 13 – 1.27 miles at 12’08”

I felt better this morning, although I’m slower than ever.


I saw a lady running with a thin short sleeved shirt this morning, while I was a little too warm, I wondered how cold she was.  This made me ponder the would I rather be warm/cold scenario.  I would rather be warm if is cold, or cold if its warm, I can’t make up my mind.

My wife tells me Amanda left me beer!  My favorite beer, New Belgium 1554!


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