I Feel Better Now and Challenge Update Day 15 to 22

I was going to post an update at Day 15, the challenge half way point.  At the halfway point I was feeling drained, tired and sore all day.  I had cut my runs back to meet the minimum distance of one mile and I was slow.  I was fearing that running this challenge was too much for me. I feel better now.

Before this challenge I had the energy in my legs to run a long run (five to seven miles) on Saturday mornings.  I would take a break from running the day before and after to recuperate. Right now I just don’t have it in my legs.

This week I signed up to run a 5K Turkey Trot in Huntington Beach, CA.  I’m on the 7:00 AM run, which seems crazy early, because they want you there an hour early!

Day 15: Nov 14 – 1.25 miles at 11’ 35”

No picture!  Sad smile 

Today I have decided to leave a bottle on the front stoop when I leave.  This will serve as a reminder when I get back to take my picture.

Day 16: Nov 15 – 1.28 miles at 11’ 33”

Nike+ Sportwatch Fuel: 414

Nike+ Fuelband  Fuel: 646


Day 17: Nov 16 – 2.61 miles at 11’ 37”

Nike+ Sportwatch Fuel: 880

Nike+ Fuelband Fuel: 1562


Day 18: Nov 17 – 1.28 miles at 11’ 27”


Day 19: Nov 18 – 2.05 miles at 11’ 17”

Was feeling a lot less sore so I wanted to go further and ran the normal 2 mile run.WP_20131118_001

Day 20: Nov 19 – 2.05 miles at 11’ 17”


Day 21: Nov 20 – 2.13 miles at 10’ 22”

On my run today I found myself running fast! 


Day 22: Nov 21 – 2.10 miles at 10’ 47”

Luckily the rain had stopped before my run.  I did splash in a puddle and get my foot wet through my shoe.



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