My Morning Run

This morning, as I slipped out the door the cat rushed my legs and darted out into the yard. I put on my gloves, started an audio book and readied the run timer in the driveway.  I walked fast and jogged lightly up the street to warm up and then stretched.

The dark blue sky was cut with streaks of orange and yellow from the rising sun.  The sun was high enough to turn the dark blue, light in some places but too low to shine upon the streets.  When the weather is warm this is the best time to run, when it is cold, it is just after the coldest of the early morning.  Even with the sun low like this, it is slightly less cold than when it was all dark.

I ran 1.3 miles with the sun not yet high enough to shine upon the houses or streets.  I took my picture and walked for short while.  Twenty (or so) minuets later I opened the front door to step in and the cat darted under me and into the house. 

We both came back together.

WP_20131126_001 Its cold at 49F. I earned 440 NikeFuel 1.3 miles at 11’05”


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