Turkey Trot 2013

I got up earlier than I do for work, an awful 5:10 or “too dark early”, as my wife puts it.  I put on Body Glide, running clothes, my Nike running shoes and generally got ready.  We arrived an hour before the race and watched the sunrise from the beach.

I ran at the Causelife 5k in Huntington Beach.

I had the following goals:

  • Run as fast as I could, balls to the wall.
  • Finish with a 30:?? time with under 30 min as a stretch goal.
  • Keep the pace about 10 to 10:15 min p/mile.

WP_20131128_002  WP_20131128_004

Me at the start line before anyone lined up and the sunrise.


Warmed up and ready to go!


The starting line a few minuets before the race.

I finished the race in 29:45!!! which is a pace of 9’35”!  This was awesome!!

This would be my fastest 5K ever!



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