Today’s Run: Running Class with Nutrition

February 16, 2014

Class started with the Doctor talking about eating, running and nutrition.  Which could be summed up to the following points:  (This is, of course, to the best of my memory.)

  • Eating is good

  • Animal Proteins have complete amino acids and therefore superior to vegetable proteins with incomplete amino acids. (In the aspect of amino acids.)

  • Vegetable proteins have a carbohydrate packaging

  • Vegetable proteins require more care to be nutritive complete.

  • The body burns easy carbs first, easy access fats (triglycerides) and and falls back to protein when other energy sources are not available.

  • It takes time to start the breakdown of adipose tissue (stored fat), which creates triglycerides.  Higher fitness level means this break down process starts sooner.

  • After a run muscles needs to replenish stores of energy (glycogen).

  • Its important to eat proteins after a run to repair muscles and provide a source of energy.

  • Carbs and easy fats break down with less CO2 byproduct than protein.

  • The body really starts to be metabolically challenged when running 15 miles or more.  Hydration with electrolytes is key.

  • Start the run with water, switch to sports drinks to replenish electrolytes.

  • Only use sports drinks with sugar, which gets absorbed into cells faster while exercising.

  • When exercising the body loses the ability to accurately detect when thirsty; endorphins interfere with this ability.

  • Check the sport drink that the race uses before hand to know if you like it. 

  • Keep a food journal to track foods that are OK with your system.

  • Throwing up or diarrhea are BAD.  These cause the body to loose hydration and electrolytes.  This would be bad during a race, where there is not enough time to recover.

The above list is for running 15 or more miles and to a lesser extend to running shorter distances. 

About 5 miles in!  One more to go!

This morning (about 6:10) I ate:

  • One Fried egg

  • English muffin with PB on half (the other half I sopped up the egg yolk, yum).

  • Half a banana

Didn’t start the six mile run until about 8:00 AM (I’ll have to double check this: 7:58).  

Distance:   6.01 miles

Pace: 11’23”

Time: 1:08:31

Three miles (aka “The Turn Around”):  I rested for a minute and drank some orange Gatorade from my bottle.

Four miles-ish: I ate a package of fruit snacks, which is about 45 minutes into my run.  I felt slightly better (had more energy) after that.

After the run I ate a handful of cashews and drank orange Gatorade.

Now I’m at Starbucks drinking Nuevo Mexican Coffee from the Clover machine, which is good.  I did think that last weeks coffee was better.

I’m done with my notes, so I’m saving this and I’m off!  I typed this up on a Samsung Chromebook.


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One Response to Today’s Run: Running Class with Nutrition

  1. Bequizombie says:

    It sounds to me like our new way of eating fits in nicely with what you learned today! I really dislike the misnomer “Paleo Diet” but, never-the-less, it’s a really good plan and the food is so good!

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