Five Days a Week


I’m training five days a week for a half marathon in May.  I get up before the sun and run.  Its the only time I can fit in a run.  Running in the evening gets aborted with either work or an excuse.  While that excuse may not be lame, it still happens and work is always there.  I have to run before I find a reason not too, so I run in the morning.

See you in the morning when the sun is but a sliver of light on the horizon.


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1 Response to Five Days a Week

  1. mawil1 says:

    It’s the best time of day. I don’t like out and back in the dark, but even if the sun comes up on the way back it feels good to see it! I admire your dedication, five times per week. Like you I find the evening falls apart. I need to follow your example and get back to more morning runs. Thanks for the inspiration! Julie

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