Run in Doubt

Its a day out… The big run.  The run I have been training all year for, the OC Half Marathon.  This time on Sunday I will be done, one way or another.  What does that mean?  The race will be over for me, whether I finish or not.  I know that I’m scheduled to run. I know that I want to run. I know that I’ve paid to run.  I have my bib that says I’m allowed to run.

I have not run for the last four weeks, due to a leg injury.  I stepped in a hole and hurt my knee while foolishly running in the dark on the beach trail.  With this oddness / pain below my knee in my calf I continued to run.  Not knowing what was going on and not feeling any pain in my knee joint (which I know is bad) I ran.  As I ran the time between runs had to be extended as the movement hurt more and more.  I stopped for a couple weeks and then ran experiencing further discomfort and much disappointment.  Its been four weeks since I last ran.

Unlike previous times when I ran, my calf does not hurt at all.  Although I have had my knee taped up with a knee strap for the last four weeks.  I ran a quarter mile this week to test my knee out and it appears to be fine when running with KT tape and a knee strap.  

This whole experience has been emotional for me.  I’ve been sad, angry, depressed and jubilant as I’ve gone from “running will not be an option” to “I may be able to run”.  I was resigned to not run and then my leg stopped hurting altogether.  Its been emotional.  I’ve been training all year for this, to not do it, is disappointing.  

So, I’m going to give it a try.



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1 Response to Run in Doubt

  1. Bequizombie says:

    You did it and you rocked it!! I was worried that you would over exert yourself but it looks like you made it through no worse for wear. Well, yeah, I know you feel like a truck ran over you but, you met the challenge and are ready for the next one. Love you so much!

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