13.1 Miles for the First Time


It took two days to recover.  After four miles i was ready to stop, just nine miles to go.  I drank something at every water stop.  Miles 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 where all up hill, or at least it seemed that way.  I joined the walkers club at mile 10, oscillating between walking and running.  Actually I was ready to quit then, i was done, everything ached and it was hot.  If wasn’t for the fact that the finish line was three miles away and I would have to walk there anyway, I may have quit.  A week later is was pointed out to me that I could have gotten a ride to the finish line, I did not think of that at the time.

I’m a little hung up on the walking bit…  I’m ok with it now, but its a run.  Aren’t  you supposed to run which means no walking?  I get annoyed with walkers in the first mile of 5k or 10k.  It just seems wrong, signing up for a race that you can’t run half the distance in one shot.  I know now that some people do interval running or actually train to walk a 10k etc.  I joined the walkers club.

I ran the last one point one miles, the band playing “Anything Anything” by Dramarama  as I’m sprinting across the finish line as fast as my tired sore body could take me.  I received my metal, too tired to get my picture taken at the end.  Those last three miles were willpower.

I was worried about my leg and it was fine.  I knew going in that I might have to drop out with an injury.  My knee, calf and shins were fine after the half marathon.  I’m pleased by this.

I’m proud of my accomplishment.  I finished in 3:03:38, which is slower than my expected 2:30 to 2:45 finish times.  But those last two months my training really wavered due to injury, so I’m not disappointed by my time, I’m just happy to have finished.  I’ll do better next half marathon.

Oh there is going to be another half marathon, I signed up for the Long Beach Half.  I’m doing it again.

I wrote this post last week but my Chromebook ate my blog post.  I rewrote this in the car to San Mateo yesterday.  Tonight I’m posting from my hotel after spending call day at Alcatraz Island.



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