A Year of running


(I wrote this last week.)

Yesterday was the 4th of July.  In America this is a big deal, we all get drunk, bar-b-que and light stuff on fire.  Its one of the two days a year where home sounds like a war zone without the actual fear of being exploded or shot killed and fireworks.  It tends to gets loud and smoky.

I was reflecting that last July Forth, I had just purchased my Nike Fuelband.  At that time it was my highest FuelPoint day ever.  I remember being so tired, physically tired from all the holiday festivities.  Lighting stuff on fire, bar-b-queing, not exploding and etcetera.

It was July I started running again.  Slowly at first 1-2.5 miles runs several times a week.  I increased mileage all the way up to a 10k in October.  I ran 30 days straits in November, even while on vacation.  I ran 69 miles in October of 2013 a record at the time.  In the new year of 2014, I signed up for a half marathon.

In March of 2014 I stepped in a hole at the beach and hurt my knee. Early April ran nearly 5 miles.  I took the rest of the month off from running.  I missed running in the early morning terribly during this time, although it was nice to sleep in.  

In May I ran a half marathon.  Everything hurt when I was done.  It was so much fun I signed up to run the Long Beach half marathon later this year.

Along the way I learned about “Good Form Running” (GFR) and midfoot striking.  This caused me quite a bit of pain in my calves and shin splints.  I learned this as part of the half marathon training class.  I’m not sure training someone how to run a new way is a great idea when they are setting off for a half marathon.  All the reading that online suggests that this should be done when not training for a race as it often causes injury to the runner.  It did for me.  

This is not to say that I’m not glad I learned GFR.  I was running mostly using my legs and not getting other body parts into it.  I’m a stronger runner now.  During my month off I worked on calf strengthening exercises which would alleviate the shine splints.  GFR is further exposing weaknesses in my physique.

I’m still dealing with the aftermath of stepping in that hole today.  I have runner’s knee.  I’m taking the next three weeks off from running to let it heal and working on strengthening, hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, and everything else.

I inspired my 13 year old son to run.  I think he decided to run with me when I finished the half marathon, even though he was asleep in the van parked in the lot when I crossed the finish line.  We have been doing Couch to 5K together in the evenings when I get home from work.

All in all it has been a great 12 months of running for me.  


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