Missing You

I’m not sure if I read this somewhere…  I wrote this in bed between snoozes of the alarm this morning then made some green tea to put it in words…

When our children are born, pink and squalling, they are like pieces of our heart.  We adore them and care for them.  Then later when they leave us for school, we miss them, even though they return to us in the afternoon.  Later still they seem to mostly grunt at us and whine about chores then hide in their rooms; still we miss them.  Even later still, when they leave our home, we miss them like a little piece of our heart is gone.  It seems that after a while you get used to this little part being gone, the surliness, the happiness and the wonder they brought to our world and you miss this little piece of your heart.

I miss Hanna.

If this was on paper; there would be tear spots.


Jan 6, 2017


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