Rain, Running, Snoopy and Pie

It rained, I ran and got wet.  Then I got a metal with Snoopy on it and ate pie!  I like Snoopy and boysenberry pie.  I ran the 10K in the Coaster Run at Knott’s Berry Farm this morning.


How did I do?

Last year I ran my first 10K at 1:13:42 (pace of 11:51).

This 10K my chip time was 1:12:12 (pace of 11:39), which is a tiny bit faster.  My watch time was 1:07:16 (pace of 10:49), I had to take a pit stop (you know what I mean?).  So I was faster.  It was a good race, I felt good. 

Nike Fuel: 2640 per the Nike GPS watch, which could not connect to GPS and under reports the race distance.

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No Running This Week


I have had soreness in my shin all week.  Running a 10K on Sunday!

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Sunday Run Feb 23, 2014

I woke up with the alarm sounding off.  I hit snooze.  The alarm rang again, I got up and hit snooze.  Laying back down in bed, thinking its Monday I checked the time.  The time glowed from my FuelBand 5:55.  What time do I have to be at work… My brain, awake enough to remember running this morning, it’s Sunday. Oh no!  What time is it?  Slowly my brain processes that I’m not late and I have enough time to get ready.


I make breakfast, one egg, half a banana and an english muffin toasted half with peanut butter and a glass of water.  I change in to running clothes and pack my bag.  I then brushed my teeth before heading out to the car.

I’m early as I pull into the parking lot, everybody watching my tiny blue car.  Today was the largest class yet.  We break from chatting to warm up.  I pick out a GU Orange flavored energy gel and set up my watch.  Its blank, my watch is dead.  I run to my car and plug it into this computer, a Samsung Chromebook, it blinks on with the charging symbol.  Shit, the batteries flat!

When I unplug it, it stayed on for about 45 seconds before flashing the low battery icon and going blank.

Today I ran with Wendy, eight miles with a pace of 11:34, per her GPS watch.  Start time was 7:29 and finish was 8:54.  Wendy did not stop her watch when we were at lights or the four mile mark where we ate our snack and the bathroom stop.  I insisted on the bathroom stop, the pressure was getting annoying bouncing around.

This morning I skipped coffee at Starbucks and decided to have pancakes at Steve’s.  I’m writing this up on the aforementioned Chromebook without Internet access.  Steve’s it not classy enough to have internet.  The Chromebook is reporting that “All changes have been saved offline.”  I sure hope so!

Next week is the Coaster Run at Knott’s Berry Farm, I’m very excited!  We are running the 10K as a group.  I’ll wear my Snail shirt.

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Five Days a Week


I’m training five days a week for a half marathon in May.  I get up before the sun and run.  Its the only time I can fit in a run.  Running in the evening gets aborted with either work or an excuse.  While that excuse may not be lame, it still happens and work is always there.  I have to run before I find a reason not too, so I run in the morning.

See you in the morning when the sun is but a sliver of light on the horizon.

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1 Million NikeFuel!



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Valentines Day

I’m a little late with this post….

nike Valentines Day 2014

I like badges!

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Today’s Run: Running Class with Nutrition

February 16, 2014

Class started with the Doctor talking about eating, running and nutrition.  Which could be summed up to the following points:  (This is, of course, to the best of my memory.)

  • Eating is good

  • Animal Proteins have complete amino acids and therefore superior to vegetable proteins with incomplete amino acids. (In the aspect of amino acids.)

  • Vegetable proteins have a carbohydrate packaging

  • Vegetable proteins require more care to be nutritive complete.

  • The body burns easy carbs first, easy access fats (triglycerides) and and falls back to protein when other energy sources are not available.

  • It takes time to start the breakdown of adipose tissue (stored fat), which creates triglycerides.  Higher fitness level means this break down process starts sooner.

  • After a run muscles needs to replenish stores of energy (glycogen).

  • Its important to eat proteins after a run to repair muscles and provide a source of energy.

  • Carbs and easy fats break down with less CO2 byproduct than protein.

  • The body really starts to be metabolically challenged when running 15 miles or more.  Hydration with electrolytes is key.

  • Start the run with water, switch to sports drinks to replenish electrolytes.

  • Only use sports drinks with sugar, which gets absorbed into cells faster while exercising.

  • When exercising the body loses the ability to accurately detect when thirsty; endorphins interfere with this ability.

  • Check the sport drink that the race uses before hand to know if you like it. 

  • Keep a food journal to track foods that are OK with your system.

  • Throwing up or diarrhea are BAD.  These cause the body to loose hydration and electrolytes.  This would be bad during a race, where there is not enough time to recover.

The above list is for running 15 or more miles and to a lesser extend to running shorter distances. 

About 5 miles in!  One more to go!

This morning (about 6:10) I ate:

  • One Fried egg

  • English muffin with PB on half (the other half I sopped up the egg yolk, yum).

  • Half a banana

Didn’t start the six mile run until about 8:00 AM (I’ll have to double check this: 7:58).  

Distance:   6.01 miles

Pace: 11’23”

Time: 1:08:31

Three miles (aka “The Turn Around”):  I rested for a minute and drank some orange Gatorade from my bottle.

Four miles-ish: I ate a package of fruit snacks, which is about 45 minutes into my run.  I felt slightly better (had more energy) after that.

After the run I ate a handful of cashews and drank orange Gatorade.

Now I’m at Starbucks drinking Nuevo Mexican Coffee from the Clover machine, which is good.  I did think that last weeks coffee was better.

I’m done with my notes, so I’m saving this and I’m off!  I typed this up on a Samsung Chromebook.

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